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Terms and  Conditions條款和條件:

1.參賽組別限制:可跨組別風格不限,不可降級跨組(職業不可跨業餘) ​

隊(含)獎金折為八折,未超過8隊(含)獎金折半,未超過6隊(含)取消獎金, 單一組別報名未滿三隊,同一類別之個人組與團體組合併 ​或 至開放舞台轉演出

3.比賽唱名三次未到視同棄權,不得異議 ​

4.參賽者請攜帶身份證件以備查驗,若冒名頂替參賽者則以棄權論 ​


6.匯款完成,線上報名表完成,音樂寄送完成,才算完成報名 ​
1.Competition Level Requirement:Allowed to join different style category, but Professional not allowed Join amateur. ​Professional dancers will not be allowed to join amateur category, but amateur are allowed to be in any category. Please check in I C ART page for definition on Amateur Vs Professional

2. In Each Category if the participants are: 
  • only 10 members the prize will drop to only 80% of original Prize. 

  • only 8 members the prize will drop to 50% of original price 

  • Less then 6 participant will cancel the bonus , If there are less than three teams registered in a single category, individual groups and groups in the same category will be combined or transferred to the open stage to perform.
    ​And refund part of the fees

3. If a contestant fails to show up after being called three times, they will loose the spot and will not be allowed to compete.

4. Contestants are requested to bring their identification papers for identification purposes. ​

5. If there are any issues in this competition, the General Assembly has the right to amend at any time and the final interpretation. ​

6. Contestants must complete registration form, pay the registration fees, provide the music by the deadline of September 1st, and agree to all the rules and regulations of the festival in order to be accepted to compete.

About Workshop Notice
1.You would not get any refund if you decide not to come.But you could transfer           your courses to others.
2.You have to provide the info to the organizer before the course starting if you           transfer the rights to the others.
3.Before you sign up, please read and accept the  rules above.
<Notification:After registration, all workshop sessions cannot be refunded.>
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