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Meet our designer


Eman Zaki

Eman Zaki's Golden Lotus Atelier, produces hand crafted bespoke dance costumes for international clientele. As a dancer, coming from a family of dancers - her mother and mentor Samira Zad and her sister Hoda - Eman was often forced to make her own costumes while traveling abroad. This lead to friends ordering costumes from her and a decision that would change her life.
From the humble beginnings of a handmade accessory shop - where she made all the stock herself - Eman traveled to Lebanon where she studied tailoring and embroidery.

On her return to Egypt she began by making eveningwear and then, by popular demand, opened the Golden Lotus Atelier. Having made costumes for such  

stars of Egyptian dance as Nagwa Fouad, Fifi Abdou,Dina, Randa, and Soraia Zaid, dancers worldwide can now wear one of her creations.Emans unique touch comes from the combination of her intimate knowledge of the dance combined with her tailoring, accessory and embellishment skills.

Eman Zaki的金蓮花工作室為國際客戶製作手工製作的定制舞蹈服裝。作為一名舞蹈演員,來自一個舞蹈家庭 - 她的母親和導師Samira Zad和她的妹妹Hoda - Eman經常在國外旅行時必須製作自己的服裝。這導致朋友從她那裡訂購服裝,並決定改變她的生活。 從一個手工製作的配飾店的小本開始 - 她自己製作所有的項目- Eman前往黎巴嫩,在那裡她學習剪裁和刺繡。 回到埃及後,她開始製作晚禮服,然後根據大眾需求,開設了金蓮花工作室。為Nagwa Fouad,Fifi Abdou,Dina,Randa和Soraia Zaid等埃及舞蹈明星製作服裝,全世界的舞者現在可以穿上她的作品。 Emans獨特的靈感品味來自於她對舞蹈的深入了解以及她的剪裁,配飾和裝飾技巧。
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