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我們將在台北市舉行,這是Alida 第三次組織這一場盛大的東方舞國際嘉年華,也是台灣第一大型的東方舞國際嘉年華


2019 年為你準備4位巡迴世界教學的超級巨星帶來給大家震撼教育及尖叫演出當然還有當大家的評審!!!我們歡迎您選擇您想要學習的任何大師,並享受新的風格和知識。

另外即將舉辦第三屆2019 Raqs Taiwan國際東方舞世界盃 I.C. ART CUP(職業組冠軍獎金高達1000美金+埃及名設計師舞衣一套和明年美國歐洲埃及國際盛大節慶VIP套裝!! 各組別的前三名都有非常高額的獎金獎杯獎牌獎狀以及免費大師營課程)


還有還有,這次國際嘉年華1場表演晚宴都有世界級大師的尖叫演出以及聚集國內外知名大咖級的老師們精彩演出, 這是絕對不能錯過的盛大慶典!!

Raqs Taiwan International Oriental Festival

from AUG 22nd - 25th, 2019 (4 Amazing Days )

Our 3rd Annual International festival will take place in Taipei city, Taiwan organized by Alida Lin;  The largest festival of it is kind in Taiwan.

This festival is created for all levels, starting from beginners / intermediate, to professional dancers and teacher as well. 
We are proud to bring to you 4 masters instructors from around the world to teach workshops and perform at our supper star gala shows! And of course to be the judges panel for all the competitions

We welcome you to choose any instructors you would like to study with and enjoy the new style and knowledge.

In addition, we are excited that our third I.C. ART(International Competition at Raqs Taiwan) will take place during the festival with  rich winning prizes;  (Professional solo category winners $1,000 US Dollars + Egyptian designer dresses and next year's New York  Egypt  Europe International Grand Festival VIP package !! The top three of each category also will receive very high prizes, Trophies and Medals for Merit Awards and Free Master workshops as part of their winnings. 

We are so happy to have with us International designers from all over the world who will dazzle us with their beautiful and cutting edge costumes during the FASHION SHOW .

Don't miss our super exciting Supper Star Gala Show , Where our Master Instructors and renowned International dancer will perform their best shows, we promise you this will be a GRAND celebration! 

在高中和大學期間,她參加了台灣最著名和最有聲望的舞蹈學校並獲得了舞蹈學位,期間也學習了街舞 ,熱舞 , 雷鬼 ,多種娛樂性休閒舞蹈 也曾幫娛樂圈名人訓練上電視節目。


在與許多來自世界各地的高級教師學習了東方舞之後, 開發了自己獨特的風格和感受,被許多人認為是最真實和最具表現力的舞蹈。這一學習的道路轉變至今被認為是最著名的台灣東方舞蹈家之一。



這裡有一些Alida Raqs最引人注目的成就:

2011年北京世界國際肚皮舞節-職業個人現代東方舞 第一名

埃及2015 Raqs Of Course 總冠軍

保加利亞2016年Orental El Hob Professional Solo 總冠軍

在她獲得了一些勝利後,Alida 被注意到,並成為今天最受尊敬的國際知名舞蹈家/教師之一。她受邀在世界各地教授和評判國際比賽,下面是她受邀參加的一些城市和國家:法國,意大利,保加利亞,芝加哥, 紐約,美國,烏克蘭,日本,香港,中國,瑞士,韓國,新加坡,迪拜,巴西,加拿大,最重要的是埃及開羅。

Alida 已經獲得認同可在世界各地授課教學演出

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Alida began from the age of 3 learning many forms of dance Ballet, jazz, contemporary and traditional Chinese folklore. It didn’t take long for dance professionals to notice her talent and was picked, at the age of 9, to become a member of a traditional Chinese Folklore dance company. During those years Alida, traveled the world performing at many concert halls and with that she gained a tremendous performing experience. In High school and college, she attended the most famous and most prestigious dance schools in Taiwan and earned degree of dance, and study different kinds dance , hip hop , reggae , several entertainment dances, trained celebrity for tv show

In 2003, she took some lessons in Oriental Dance and fell in love with this style of dance and the power of expression that she was looking for to express her inner self. Alida developed her own unique style and feel for the dance that is considered by many to be most authentic and expressive after she had studied Oriental Dance with many master teachers from all over the world, This journey led Alida to be considered one of the most famous Taiwanese Oriental dancer/Bellydancer. In Addition to her extensive training and performing in dance and Oriental dance, Alida is an accomplished musician who has trained and played several instruments such as Piano, Harmonica, accordion, Saggat, flute and tabla as well. This gives Alida a refined musical ability to hear the music and gives her an edge when dancing. Alida is the proud Founder and producer of Raqs Taiwan International Oriental Festival in New Taipei City Taiwan, where she hosts many internationally acclaimed master teachers from all over the world. Here are some of Alida most notable accomplishments:  First place winner, in 2011 Beijing World Bellydance.  First place winner, in 2015 Raqs Of Course , Cairo Egypt  First place winner, in 2016 Orental El Hob Professional Solo in Bulgaria After some of her wins Alida was noticed and became one of the most respected and internationally acclaimed dancer/ teacher today. She was invited to teach and judge International Competitions all over the world, here are some of the cities and countries that she was invited to: France, Italy ,Bulgaria ,Chicago , NYC, Ukraine ,Japan, Hong Kong, China, Switzerland, Korea Singapore, Dubai , Brazil, Canada and most importantly Cairo, Egypt. Available for hire to teach and/or perform anywhere in the world.

    Alida出生於台灣台北,從3歲開始學習芭蕾,爵士,當代和傳統中國民間等多種形式的舞蹈。舞蹈專業人士注意到她的才華並不需要很長時間,並在9歲時被選為中國民間傳統舞蹈公司的成員(育化民族舞蹈團)。在那些年間,Alida Lin在世界各地的藝術節裡演出,並獲得了極高的演出經驗。