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Mohamed Shahin is a world-renowned master instructor, performer and challenging choreographer of Egyptian Oriental & Folkloric Dance.

A native of Cairo Egypt, originally trained as a mechanical engineer, Shahin discovered his passion for Egyptian Dance at the young age of fifteen. He developed a complex methodology of instruction that has made him a Master teacher beloved to his students worldwide, today. Shahin currently lives in New York City but has been touring internationally full-time since 2004.

At Shahin’s workshops, students fall in love with his friendly personality and the level of perfectionism and fine attention to detail that sets him apart as an instructor of Egyptian dances.His explanations of technical breakdowns of the body isolations,

movements,and combinations that make up his elaborate and challenging choreographies, Shahin’s talent and expertise have taken him around the world to teach workshops, perform and judge international dance competitions in major dance festivals in many countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa, as well as one of the founder, Co-organizer, Director & instructor of Annual RAQS, OF COURSE Egyptian dance festival in Cairo - Egypt as well as organizer and owner of Annual NYCairo Raks Festival in New York City – USA.

Shahin speaks Arabic, English & Russian that adds to his great array of skills and enables him to instruct students in these 3 languages. Shahin produced “Dance Like An Egyptian” instructional DVD series, they are great asset for those whom study Egyptian dance but are unable to attend Shahin’s workshops.

Shahin has 8 instructional DVDs on the market current, as well as producing Annually new music albums for bellyancers. 
To learn more about Mohamed Shahin’s world, please visit his YouTube Channel
Shahin wishes to thank all those who support and inspire him on his journey in dance.

“If to dance is to dream, then you make dreams come true” – Mohamed Shahin 

Mohamed Shahin是世界著名的埃及東方民俗舞蹈大師,表演者和具有挑戰性的舞蹈家。 Shahin原籍埃及開羅,最初是一名機械工程師,在十五歲時就發現了他對埃及舞蹈的熱情。他開發了一種複雜的教學方法,使他成為今天世界各地學生的摯愛老師。

Shahin目前居住在紐約市,但自2004年以來一直在全職巡迴演出。 在Shahin的工作室,學生們愛上了他友好的個性,完美主義的水平和對細節的精細關注,使他成為埃及舞蹈的指導者。 他對身體分隔,動作和組合的技巧解釋構成了他精心設計和挑戰性的編舞,Shahin的才華和專業知識使他在世界各地教授,在許多國家的主要舞蹈節上表演和評判國際舞蹈比賽遍布北美,南美,歐洲,澳大利亞,亞洲和非洲

他是開羅埃及舞蹈節每年度RAQS OF COURSE 的創始人,協辦單位,活動策畫和大師之一,以及紐約 - 美國每年NYCairo Raks節的主辦方和擁有者。

Shahin說阿拉伯語,英語和俄語,增加了他的各種技能,使他能夠用這3種語言指導學生。 Shahin製作了“Dance Like An Egyptian”教學DVD系列,對於那些學習埃及舞蹈但無法參加Shahin的工作坊的人來說,它們是很有用的資產。 Shahin目前市場上有8張教學DVD,以及為肚皮製作年度新的音樂專輯。 要了解有關Mohamed Shahin的更多信息,請點閱他的YouTube頻道 他希望感謝所有支持和啟發他的舞蹈之旅的人。

“如果跳舞是為了夢想,那麼你就會讓夢想成真” - Mohamed Shahin

kareem gad

Kareem Gad is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher born in Cairo.

Since childhood, his curiosity about the arts led him to discover the art of singing, music, poetry, percussion and dance. Always noticed by his teachers, he decided at the age of 15 years to professionalize in dance and incorporates various dance troupes including that of Hassaan Saber, a specialist in Egyptian folklore, and the duo's modern and contemporary choreographer Mohamed Dia and, founder of the Foundation for Art Tawasol. With these, he performs at the National theater, in TV, in music videos, television commercials and most of the events of the Cairo Opera House Theater. It also becomes a tanoura (dervish) recognized his generation.

Today, Kareem Gad strives to invent a new way of dancing that blends Egyptian folklore, interpretation and comedy. He continues to choreograph, teach and dance in various events in Libya, Lebanon, Algeria, Syria, Tunisia.
kareem has a great people skills and enthusistic personality.

His idea is "dancing is the feeling of the life"

Kareem Gad是一位出生於開羅的舞蹈家,舞蹈指導和舞蹈老師。 童年時代,他對藝術的好奇使他發現了歌唱,音樂,詩歌,打擊樂和舞蹈的藝術。他的老師經常注意到,他在15歲時決定走專業舞蹈,並結合各種舞蹈團,包括埃及民間傳說專家Hassaan Saber,以及二人組現代和當代編舞家Mohamed Dia和基金會創始人為藝術Tawasol。憑藉這些,他在國家劇院,電視,音樂錄影帶,電視廣告和開羅歌劇院劇院的大部分活動中表演。它也成為了他的一代坦都拉(苦行僧)。 今天,他努力發明一種融合了埃及民間傳說,詮釋和喜劇的新舞蹈方式。他繼續在利比亞,黎巴嫩,阿爾及利亞,敘利亞,突尼斯的各種活動中編舞,教學和跳舞。 Kareem擁有出色的人際交往能力和熱情的個性。 他的想法是“跳舞是生命的感覺”。


Mahaila El Helwa - Oriental Dancer, Dance Instructor and Choreographer. One of the great names in Brazil at the moment, has been in the spotlight for her work all over the country and abroad, giving shows and workshops, thanks to her unique didactics, accurate technique, the personal style and emotion that emanates from her appearances. Constantly improving her knowledge with great masters and giving classes and regular courses in various well known schools in São Paulo/Brazil. 

Mahaila El Helwa 是巴西最著名的東方舞者與編舞家!在國際上非常知名並受邀教課 , 演出!她獨特的風格與對東方舞的詮釋,還有她情感的轉折 , 讓她受到許多世界各地的觀眾們深深熱愛!她目前也在巴西大大小小的舞蹈學校授課與主辦活動! 

Alida developed her own unique style and feel for the dance that is considered by many to be most authentic and expressive after she had studied Oriental Dance with many master teachers from all over the world, This journey led Alida to be considered one of the most famous Taiwanese Oriental dancer/Bellydancer.  In Addition to her extensive training and performing in dance and Oriental dance, Alida is an accomplished musician who has trained and played several instruments such as Piano, Harmonica, accordion, Saggat, flute and tabla as well. This gives Alida a refined musical ability to hear the music and gives her an edge when dancing. Alida is the proud Founder and producer of Raqs Taiwan International Oriental Festival in New Taipei City Taiwan, where she hosts many internationally


acclaimed master teachers from all over the world. 

Here are some of Alida most notable accomplishments:  

First place winner, in 2011 Beijing World Bellydance.  

First place winner, in 2015 Raqs Of Course , Cairo Egypt  

First place winner, in 2016 Orental El Hob Professional Solo in Bulgaria 

After some of her wins Alida was noticed and became one of the most respected and internationally acclaimed dancer/ teacher today. She was invited to teach and judge International Competitions all over the world, here are some of the cities and countries that she was invited to: France, Italy ,Bulgaria ,Chicago , NYC, Ukraine ,Japan, Hong Kong, China, Switzerland, Korea Singapore, Dubai , Brazil, Canada and most importantly Cairo, Egypt. Available for hire to teach and/or perform anywhere in the world. 

Alida在與許多來自世界各地的高級教師學習了東方舞之後, 開發了自己獨特的風格和感受,被許多人認為是最真實和最具表現力的舞蹈。這一學習的道路轉變至今被認為是最著名的台灣東方舞蹈家之一。 


Alida是RAQS TAIWAN國際東方舞藝術嘉年華的創始人,她在這裡舉辦了來自世界各地的許多國際知名大師。 


2011年北京世界國際肚皮舞節-職業個人現代東方舞 第一名 

埃及2015 Raqs Of Course 總冠軍 

保加利亞2016 Orental El Hob Professional Solo 總冠軍 

在她獲得了一些勝利後,Alida 被注意到,並成為今天最受尊敬的國際知名舞蹈家/教師之一。她受邀在世界各地教授和評判國際比賽,下面是她受邀參加的一些城市和國家:法國,意大利,保加利亞,芝加哥, 紐約,美國,烏克蘭,日本,香港,中國,瑞士,韓國,新加坡,迪拜,巴西,加拿大,最重要的是埃及開羅。 

Alida 已經獲得認同可在世界各地授課教學演出 

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